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  • SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD: With clear, easily written and visualized instructions, the simple and bold reminder to ‘Wash Your Hands’ is an important one.
  • VISUALLY EFFECTIVE: Designed with colors and spacing to capture and keep attention, this poster is easily recognized, seen and understood. Ideal for children and adults alike.
  • PROVEN: Backed by a simple and proven step-by-step process, the very clear instructions are efficient and effective at improving workplace health and sanitization.


DESCRIPTION: Simple is successful when it comes to school and workplace protection posters like this, and in today’s changed world the need for getting a team to wash their hands is an incredibly important one. We all have a part to do in eliminating germs and improving our workplace health, and a simple and proven protection poster is an effective and efficient way to remind your team just how important it is that we all wash our hands, and do it well.