Frequently Asked


What are the size of Clean Buddies

  • The size of each wipe is 7 x 6.75 inches 

Why Clean Buddies Hand Sanitizing Wipes

  • We can provide a regular supply, special offers and discounts for bulk buys and if you wish, include you on our mailing list to keep you up to date on worldwide hygiene issues
  • Clean Buddies have simple ingredients, no harsh preservatives, consisting of 75% isopropyl alcohol and distilled water, that are in an individual package which stays moist for up to two years
  • Our product is registered by the Food and Drug Administration of the USA so is government verified, and the ingredients are recommended by the Center for Disease Control of the USA and the World Health Organization
  • We have a subscribe to pay it forward program to help developing countries - see more about our CSR under

    Why individually wrapped hand sanitizing  wipes
  • You don’t need to pull out Clean Buddies from a big pack that’s not resealable and so dries up in a few days! As Clean Buddies are individually wrapped, you can keep them handy just about everywhere.

Can I use the wipes on my face or other parts of my body other than my hands?

  • The wipes can be used and are completely safe to use on any part of the body.

    Are they safe for me to use on my children or my pets?
  • Yes! They can be used to clean your children’s hands, clean muddy paws, or even to generally give a pet a quick cleanse

        What else can I use Clean Buddies to clean?

  • Our wipes can also disinfect your computer, keyboard, tablet, phone, car, anything you might be touching on any public transport. We encourage you to incorporate a cleaning routine for all of these things, as they carry much more trace bacteria than you might think!

    How often should I be using the wipes? 
  • This primarily depends on your routine, where you go, where you work, but we’d recommend it’s probably necessary to clean all of your computer, keyboard, tablet, phone at least once a day,.

        What does it mean that they are FDA registered?

  • The United States Food and Drugs Administration is a very strict government organization, and its registration processes are extremely rigorous. As a result, having an FDA approval shows that our alcohol based wipes are safer than other non - registered brands.

    What is the Clean Buddies buy to give subscription program?
  • You can subscribe and help affected communities in lesser economically developed countries to receive our wipes as well. Not only are you helping them from a hygiene standpoint, but has a secondary result of educating them about healthy hygiene habits, and how to stay healthy from this standpoint. See more about this under:

    Do the Clean Buddies kill the coronavirus and other germs?
  • Yes, the Clean Buddies kill the coronavirus whether on skin or clothes, and 99.9.% of all germs.

    How long can I store Clean Buddies before they expire, or are no longer usable?
  • Our wipes can be stored for approximately 2 years before losing their “best use” factor.

    Why should I join the Clean Buddies newsletter?
  • Our Clean Buddies newsletter will keep you constantly up to date on exclusive special offers for our products, as well as give you opportunities to get discounts, vouchers and enter competitions.