Why You Should Make A Sanitizing Station

It’s no secret that we’re all wary of germs right now. In the middle of a pandemic we find ourselves constantly stressing about staying healthy and protected, but to help ease some of those worries you should have a system in place that you can trust! Now is a great time to implement sanitizing stations, both in your home and mobile for when you’re on the go. 

Your Home Station

At home, it’s best to use either a mudroom or your entry way to set up a “cleaning zone”! If you have little ones running around you’ll find this especially useful. We recommend keeping easy to use sanitizing products stocked up in bins or organizers so it’s easy to grab as you come and go. Sanitizing wipes and liquid hand sanitizer are must haves! Plus the wipes are extra helpful for wiping down your phone or any other items you just brought in. In addition to this you can set up a drop off of sorts for items like used masks or dirty shoes and jackets. It makes it all that much easier to know what items to wash and helps eliminate the risk of letting these items roam around your house with germs on them. 

Plus, who said you can’t make this new set up looking nice! Colorful bins, woven baskets, and more, whatever your style is you can adjust to make this look like a new seamless addition to your household. Having a space to drop your items, let packages rest, and sanitize all in an organized manner will help hold you accountable to staying on top of recommended health practices. 

On The Go

You can also make a mobile sanitizing station for when you’re on the go. Have a bin set up in your car or even a mini kit to toss in your bag for when you find yourself in new spaces. Top priority items for this are clean masks in case you need a spare, sanitizing wipes, and extra bags in case you need to toss something dirty or contaminated in there. 

Overall, you know best what items you need or the systems that can help you stay on top of it! Trust your instincts and compile all those must haves into a new 2021 sanitizing station to make your life a little easier and offer some peace of mind. We’re sure your friends and family will find it equally as helpful!