When To Use Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Hand sanitizing wipes are the perfect alternative to handwashing for when water and soap aren’t easily accessible! In the age of COVID and flu season it’s important to remember how often you should be cleaning your hands. Hand sanitizing wipes are easy to stash in your pockets, purse, or car! Below are our top situations to reach for your hand sanitizing wipes to help protect you and those around you.  

Grocery Shopping

Running errands usually entails being around more people than you would in any other situation right now. It’s a good idea to implement a “before, during, and after” mentality when you’re out shopping! Meaning, wipe down your hands and your cart when you get into the store. If you’ve been there for a bit and have grabbed a handful of items, easily use a wipe to clean down your hands again. Once you’ve left the store make sure to clean them one more time along with your phone and make sure to avoid touching your face or removing your mask until you do! 

At Work 

If you’ve been back at the office, you could probably use an updated work routine! Keep hand sanitizing wipes in your desk for quick and easy use during the day. You should make sure to use them before and after borrowing or lending any of your office supplies. Plus, these wipes will help more than just your hands! Wipe down your desk, computer, and keyboard, at the end of each day to make sure you have a clean workstation to come back to. 

For The Kiddos

If your kids are back in school or participating in sports, it’s important to make sure they’re stocked up on hand wipes too. Keep them in their backpacks and make sure to give them a thorough clean at the start and end of any activity. Kids are notorious for getting a little extra dirt on them, so keep an eye out for any necessary bonus clean ups! 


It’s the holiday season and a time to give back! If you’re still comfortable with volunteering while taking other protocols in place, you should also keep hand sanitizing wipes on you. You never know how accessible water and soap may be when you’re away from your home, and it’s the perfect opportunity to protect yourself or hand them out to those around you all in the spirit of helping out. 


If your gym is open and you’re sweating it out, you’ll need to wash up between each station! Not only is it crucial to wash your hands, but you'll need to sanitize the equipment that you’ll be touching too. Sweat allows us to transfer germs more easily, so take extra precautions while you’re burning those calories. 

No matter the occasion, we want you to stay safe and healthy! We know that being away from your home nowadays isn’t always the most comfortable situation, but we want you to be prepared so you don’t have to stress. Our Clean Buddies hand wipes are perfect for those on the go activities, plus they’re great to share! Wash your hands and stay safe this holiday season.