What Makes An Effective Sanitizer?

We’re living in times where sanitizing is more important than ever to stay healthy during the pandemic. But when the pandemic first hit, sanitizing products were wiped from the shelves and people were left to go hunting for them on their own. While they have become more accessible again, with companies even switching to make them over their own products, it leaves the question of what makes an effective sanitizer and how do they work? 

When looking for an effective sanitizing product, you’ll want to look at not just the ingredients but the percentage of them. The CDC suggests using an alcohol based sanitizer with at least 60% of alcohol. Studies have found that sanitizers with an alcohol concentration between 60-95% are more effective in killing germs and bacteria than a lower concentration or non-alcohol based. 

These solutions usually contain either ethanol or isopropanol, or a combination of both. Ethanol has been shown to be more effective against viruses while propanols are more effective against bacteria. 

It’s important to note that proper handwashing with soap and water is still a must. In situations where you can, use soap and water, but sanitizers are perfect for keeping your hands or surrounding surfaces clean while you’re on the go.

For your hand sanitizer to be most effective in killing germs, you should make sure to cover the areas of both your hands (in between fingers included) and continue to rub the product in until your hands are dry. If your hands are visibly dirty or greasy, you should wipe them down first before using liquid hand sanitizer, or do two rounds of hand sanitizing wipes. This is because the sanitizer isn’t as effective at getting rid of germs when your hands are heavily soiled or have extra layers that stand in the way. 

So know you know what ingredients to look for and how to use it, but does it matter if you buy  gel, foam, or wipes? The answer is nope! Buy what is convenient for you and how you’ll be using it. The consistency does not impact its effectiveness, only the ingredients do! 

The more you know! Next time you’re using or buying a sanitizing product, make sure to keep an eye on the alcohol concentration and don’t forget that how you apply it matters! Our Clean Buddies Hand Sanitizing Wipes are the perfect solution if you’re looking to stock up now. With a 75% isopropyl base, they are sure to get the job done and convenient for any situation. We hope you continue to stay safe and healthy!