Valentine's Day 2021: How To Celebrate

Looking to have a fun and festive Valentine’s day? You might be wondering how to celebrate since indoor dining and gathering in person isn’t a reality for so many people right now. But that doesn’t mean to skip the holiday altogether, if anything we could use a little extra love and appreciation now more than ever! Who or why you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day can differ from person to person, so here are our favorite ways to celebrate safely and show some love in 2021! 

With Your Significant Other

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other, then it is the perfect time to plan the ultimate at home date night! We recommend decorating the place to make it a little more festive and feel like a special occasion. Spend some time cooking up your favorite meal together and enjoy it over some nicely lit candles. We know there have been plenty of stay at home nights this past year, so make an effort to make things a little different, plus it’s the perfect time to finally dress up! Not sure what to swap for gifts? You can’t go wrong with the classic flowers and chocolates, but for a more personal touch you can buy a fragrance or make your own gift like a custom playlist or photo album! 

With Your Best Pals

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show some extra love to the best pals in your life! Host a fun video chat to get the gang together for a Valentine’s happy hour or virtual game night. Send your friends some sweet gifts and treats in the mail or drop them on their doorstep for a nice surprise. Best friends always seem to know their favorite bakery, coffee, flower, or wine so grab them something you know they’ll love and make their day with a sweet note attached. But don’t forget, there is plenty of room to get creative! Friends usually means tons of memories and inside jokes, so don’t be afraid to get them something funny or sentimental that only they can understand! 

With Your Kiddos 

Have a house full of kids running around? They may not be able to have the classic school Valentine’s Day party, but you can still get them in the spirit! Have a Valentine’s themed arts and crafts session to have them make personalized Valentine’s for their friends that you can mail out. Another great way to get them involved is in the kitchen! Whip out the pink and red sprinkles and bake their favorite sweet treat together. Plus, who says baking can’t be turned into a math lesson?! 

A Day For Yourself 

Valentine’s Day can absolutely be celebrated by yourself! It’s the perfect time for a self care day. Some of our favorites to do? Order take out from your favorite restaurant, enjoy a face mask and bubble bath, blast your favorite playlist, buy some flowers, watch all the cheesy rom-coms, and indulge in sweets and more sweets. There’s no shame in having a treat yourself moment and splurging on a gift for yourself, you deserve it! The important thing: do something that makes you happy! We all could use a little extra self love this year, and now is the perfect time. 

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! It’s a day to spread and feel some love, no matter if you’re by yourself, with your partner, or have a house full of rambunctious little ones. We hope you continue to stay safe and healthy and feel all the love this Valentine’s Day!