Trick or Treat! How to Have a Clean, Safe, and Spooky Halloween Night

Halloween is right around the corner, but things may look a bit different this year. In the midst of a pandemic, it’s hard to imagine how your little ones can go from door to door. But we’re here to help you find a way to safely trick or treat and hand out candy from your own doorstep!


Stay in or go out?

First things first! If you or someone in your family is not feeling well or immunocompromised, have a spooky night in! An at home costume party and movie night is a great way to keep it festive and safe.



Time to trick or treat!

The kiddos are excited to fill their bags up with candy so it’s time to have a gameplan!


Tip 1:

Stay in a small group of people! Try to trick or treat with just your household or a couple of friends to keep your circle smaller.


Tip 2:

Send your kiddos up to the door once it’s all clear! Talk with them beforehand and make sure they know to stay in their group and look for your signal to go ring the doorbell. If your little’s are getting a little impatient, you can always use a hand sanitizing wipe to clean off their hands and give them a piece of candy for their wait!


Tip 3:

A trick or treat practice round! With excitement running high on Halloween night, it can be easy for kids to forget these extra precautions. Have a practice round at your own door to show them how to knock and back up from the door while giving their best “trick or treat!”


Tip 4:

Embrace the masks! You’re in luck that so many costumes have masks. If it doesn’t, have some fun decorating one to fit the theme. Hint, you might want to keep a couple extra on hand!


Tip 5:

Hand sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizing wipes! We (literally) can’t say it enough. With picking up candy and going door to door it’s so important to keep wipes on you to clean off everyone’s hands throughout the night. Our Clean Buddies hand sanitizing wipes are the perfect solution because they are individually packed and ready whenever you need them!


Hand out candy

If you’re handing out candy, you have a couple of options! If you want to hand it out yourself, make sure to wear a mask when your spooky visitors come. Drop the candy directly in their baskets to keep it contact-free.


If you’d rather eliminate this interaction all together you can keep a bowl of candy on your porch and either sit six feet away to greet the kiddos while they grab their candy or stay inside for them to quickly get their treat on their own.


Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, it’s important to take health and safety precautions. Make sure to keep your hands and belongings clean all throughout the night, keep some distance, and wear a mask!


We hope you have a spooky and safe Halloween this year!