Staying Healthy As Coronavirus Grows

With new strains of Coronavirus starting to appear, people are worried and wondering what they can do to protect themselves. These new strains have popped up in China, Britain, and South Africa. While health experts work to learn more about these new variants and how to combat them, it’s crucial to double down on current cleaning and sanitizing practices as well as keeping your distance. Here are some new and old tips to prioritize as we navigate the ongoing impact of the pandemic. 

Mask up! (Then mask up again) 

One of the new suggestions to come out of this is double masking. The CDC is recommending to wear two masks or purchase or make masks with multiple layers to add more fabric between you and the air exposure. It is a simple step that can go a long way! Make sure to wear a mask whenever you are in public or visiting with someone outside of your household. Wear is over your nose and mouth to block the spread of germs. Check out this graphic below to see the impact and importance of wearing a mask! As new strains spread, double up for that extra safety. 

Eliminate travel

As time has gone on during the pandemic people have rightfully gotten antsy. Plus, with vaccinations starting to roll out people are feeling more comfortable to get out of the house. The CDC warns against travel as new strains and mutations are being found in new countries and spreading. There is the risk of getting and bringing a new variant of coronavirus when you travel outside of your home state. New strains aside, eliminating unnecessary travel is still a leading cause in the spread of COVID-19. Try staying in your area and travelling by car for a weekend away! In the case of needing to travel, it is crucial to follow mandated quarantine rules to protect yourself and others. 


Washing your hands and practicing good hygiene is still at the top of the list to stay healthy! Soap and warm water is one of the best ways to kill off germs and bacteria. Yet, surprisingly enough, most people don’t wash their hands correctly. CDC recommendations is to scrub your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, thoroughly getting in between your fingers and under your nails. Right now, there is no situation that couldn’t benefit from a hand wash! Stay on top of your hand washing game and make an active effort to increase your hygiene practices. 


Use sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for moments soap and water aren’t easily accessible or you need to clean down an area. As long as it contains at least 60% alcohol, then the sanitizing solution can help kill off bacteria. Key times for disinfecting are at school, work, and yes, at home! Consistently cleaning down hard surfaces like countertops and doorknobs, or devices like your phone and computer all contribute to keeping you protected. Anything you or anyone else touches, is due for a clean! Make a list of these high-touch items in your daily life and go through them each day with a quick and easy clean with sanitizing wipes. Plus, keep sanitizing wipes on for any germ filled surprises or when you need to clean your hands while you’re on the go. 

Build your immune system

Keep your immune system boosted to fight off anything that comes your way! Vitamins that are leading the way to help you fight COVID-19 are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. Low levels of Vitamin D can make your respiratory system weaker and more susceptible to infection. By taking these vitamins once a day, you’ll boost your infection fighting blood cells and build up a stronger immune system. But there are so many other vitamins that are also beneficial. That’s where food and diet comes in. Eat a nutrient rich diet to get enough vitamins in your system. You’ll feel better and be more protected. 

Building your immune system doesn’t just involve vitamins though, maintain a healthy immune system by making sure you’re getting enough sleep. Aim for at least 8 hours a night and listen to your body and it’s needs. Exercise regularly and find healthy practices that work for you and can be built into your own routine. Even just 30 minutes of walking or yoga can have a huge impact on your overall health! A healthier you makes you stronger against any illness that may come your way. Check out a more in depth way to boost your immune system here

At the end of the day, make sure to listen to health officials and any new protocols and practices to follow. As the pandemic goes on, it is easy to settle in and forget the importance of what we can be doing to stay healthy. While things still progress, try to make an active effort to increase your cleaning, health, and safety practices. Remember, we’re all in this together and we want you and your loved ones to stay safe and healthy!