Stay Healthy While You Travel

The influence of the pandemic has greatly changed travel. While plenty of people have opted out of travelling or been able to make other plans, travel may still be a necessity for some. But it leaves people wondering how they can travel with the general public and make it home safe and healthy. Here are some of our top tips for a clean journey! 

Wear A Mask

While it may already be required while you travel, it’s important to wear a mask to protect your face from germs spreading by air and droplets. Remember, you aren’t just protecting yourself but those around you too! 

Wash Your Hands

Every step of the way you should be washing your hands. Made it to the airport and through security? Wash your hands! Just sat down on the plane? Wash your hands! Obviously soap and water won’t be as easily accessible in these situations. That’s why we love sanitizing wipes to get the job done. Individually wrapped, these wipes are easy to pull out in any situation and don’t require you to touch anything else along the way. 

Come Prepared

Have a small bag to keep with you that is loaded with essentials. Hand sanitizing wipes, extra masks, vitamins or medicine, and more. Having these on you at all times let’s you take care of the situation right away. Especially when it comes to sanitizing your hands, you don’t want to let it sit too long, giving bacteria the chance to spread! 

Keep Your Distance

You may not be able to help it once you are on your plane, train, bus, etc. but while waiting to get on, keep a safe distance between you and other people. Six feet is the CDC recommendation that can help protect you. Value your own space and make sure to set boundaries around you. 

Make Things Mobile

Try to have your tickets pulled up on your phone to eliminate extra papers to be handing back and forth! The great thing about phones is that they can be cleaned off. Just wipe it down after you get your ticket scanned to be better safe than sorry. 

Don’t Share

We all know that sharing is caring, but if you’re trying to keep yourself healthy right now, swapping things back and forth is not the best idea. Do not share food or beverages and try to eliminate any unnecessary handing from one person to another. 

After Travel

When you get back from travelling, make sure to rinse off in the shower and toss your clothes in the washing machine! Travel is one of the easiest ways to spread germs and get sick, so it’s important now more than ever to take extra precautions to protect everyone. 

If you’re traveling, we hope you find these reminders helpful and have a safe and healthy journey! Remember to check the recommendations to see if you shouldn’t travel and of course do not travel if you are currently sick or experiencing any symptoms of an illness!