Start Saving Water


Want continual access to water for generations to come? Start saving the water you don't use. Discover four reasons why saving water makes a difference.


4 Reasons Why You Should Start Saving Water Now


Water is important. People drink it, wash dishes with it, and water plants with it. Almost all of the water people use is fresh, potable (drinkable) water. On a global scale, such clean water is difficult to come by. Only 2.5% of the water on our planet is freshwater, much of that locked away in ice caps.

If you want continual access to water for generations to come, you should start saving the water you don't use.

Discover four reasons why saving water makes a difference.

1. Water Is Not Always Renewable

All water that people use will eventually come back as precipitation. However, this doesn't mean everyone will have constant, universal access to clean water.

Water doesn't always show up in the same place. When you grow a tree, it will grow where you plant it. However, when water evaporates, it could come back almost anywhere. A rainy ocean does not help much, as that rain will simply end up as more saltwater.

Arid deserts and places suffering from droughts only prove this principle. By saving water, you can protect your area from potential droughts.

2. Humans Aren't the Only Ones Who Need It

Humans are just one of the species who walk the planet. Everything alive needs water. This includes both plants and animals that are wild and domesticated. A drought can quickly cause a food shortage. Those who come after will also need water to survive. Using more water now just gives posterity a larger crisis to solve. This is not a problem that will simply go away on its own.

3. Conservation Makes People's Lives Better

Water unused in homes can be useful somewhere else. The nice green of the golf course relies on lots of water to keep the grass healthy. Botanical gardens also need substantial amounts of water to keep plants alive.

Nearly every industry uses water in some capacity. Firefighters, zoos, and spas obviously need a constant water supply, but even places like museums, movie theaters, and mini-golf courses would hurt without access to water. Having a healthy environment also makes many lives significantly better. A healthy environment gives people access to a greater amount of resources. Forests thrive on water, and they give people lumber and paper. As people heavily     rely on the natural world, they should keep it healthy.

4. Conservation Saves People Money

The more water you save, the more money you have to spend on other things. Small changes can make a difference and are worth it if you want to fill your wallet a bit more.

What's more, saving water does not need to be a huge sacrifice. Turning off the tap, fixing leaky pipes, and doing laundry less are simple ways to reduce your water usage. Eating less meat and having a rain bucket will also save water, but you don't have to be that committed to see the benefits of saving water on your next bill.

Water is important and sometimes hard to come by. People can do the environment and posterity a favor by saving water in simple ways. By doing so, many can make a lasting difference that can help the present and future. Doing so is not hard.

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