Sanitization Etiquette: How To Sanitize In Different Situations

Sanitizing has been on everyone’s minds for this past year, and for good reason. As we still face a pandemic head on and wait for life to return to normal, there are lots of new guidelines and worries we live by. It can often be overwhelming to try and keep it all straight and have the stress of protecting yourself and your loved ones from any illness. We don’t want anyone to live in fear, but rather know the basic steps you can take to sanitize and reduce the risk of spreading germs. But each situation is different and requires different tips and tricks to be mindful of. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common activities people do on a daily basis and how to incorporate sanitization into them! Sometimes it is easy to forget in the moment or maybe you think about it too much, so check out these recommended practices to stick in the back of your mind for some clean and easy living! 

First things first! What makes for a proper sanitation product? The CDC recommends using a sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol in the solution. This ensures that it is most effective to kill and rid your hands or any objects of the virus and other bacteria. Sanitizing products have been wiped off the shelves for almost a year now and have become a hot commodity. Luckily our hand sanitizing wipes are readily available to purchase, even in bulk, and are 75% alcohol based. 

So let’s dive in and talk about common activities and the proper sanitization etiquette to have for each! 

Running Errands 

When you’re on the go, it’s especially important to be mindful of taking sanitizing breaks. Running errands like going to the grocery store means that most of your sanitation should be focused on you rather than the place you are at. Stores have implemented strict cleaning policies and some even limiting capacity to help keep you safe, so your main focus should be on what you’re touching. Before going in anywhere, make sure to sanitize your hands with a hand wipe so you don’t bring anything in and start fresh. Walking through aisles, you’re probably touching and grabbing a handful of items so if you can, take a pause during your shopping to sanitize your hands. The most important part of running errands for your sanitization etiquette is to sanitize after you’ve left the place. Sanitize immediately after leaving and before you touch your face to remove your mask. Make sure to sanitize in between each location you go to if you’re going from place to place. 


A lot of places are offering outdoor dining, and if you feel comfortable going to a restaurant then you should! When sitting down at your table, grab a sanitizing wipe and wipe it down before touching it or eating. While restaurant workers should also be doing this, you can never be too careful! After that make sure to wipe down your hands with a fresh wipe and offer some to whoever you are dining with too. An extra precaution to take would be sanitizing after your food and utensils have been dropped off and touched by someone else. To help protect the workers as well, a nice gesture would be to wipe down the table right before you leave!

Working Out 

Gym equipment is a hub for bacteria! In a shared workout space, so many people are using the same equipment and typically sweat tends to transfer onto it. Because of this, it is crucial to wipe down the equipment you use both before and after! You should wipe down any weights, or bars and seats on the equipment you use. Gyms should supply sanitizing equipment around the space, so make sure to make the most of it or bring your own wipes for handier use. 

In The Office 

Being back in the workplace can come with a lot of precautions because it’s easy to settle back into your old ways. Try to keep your desk or office for you only and limit the amount of traffic coming through it. You should start and end each day with not only sanitizing your desk, but your computer, keyboard, phone, and other desk materials. Electronics carry tons of bacteria because of how much we touch them and all of their nooks and crannies. If you borrow any items from someone or they borrow it from you, make sure to wipe those objects down before and after use, including your hands! In an office there is more movement, so if you’re going into a kitchen or going to the restroom be sure to practice proper handwashing (soap and water for 20 seconds!) and wipe down counters in the communal spaces. Stock up on sanitizing wipes to stash in your desk so you can easily make it a part of your routine. Want to be the star of the office? Put wipes in the kitchen and bathrooms too! Check out more detailed tips here for the workplace. 

At School 

If your kids are back in school, set them up for success with sanitizing wipes! Make sure to talk to your kiddos about proper sanitization and instances in which they should be mindful of it. The biggest takeaways they should have? Always wash your hands after using the restroom, and sanitize your hands before eating and after playing outside! Encourage them to sanitize their desks by putting wipes in their backpacks. While before and after school is always a good idea to clean desks, if they’re able to do a mid day clean, they should because that’s when classmates and teachers have already been walking around. 

Distanced Visits 

If you want to get some social time in, there are ways to be safe about it! Make sure to keep at least 6ft apart from anyone not in your inner circle and outdoor meetings and activities are always the best idea. These precautions are great to help protect both parties, but make sure to take one extra step by having sanitation products on hand. Swapping goodies or porch deliveries have become popular, so make sure to wipe down your hands and the items before and after! 

At Home 

It’s easy to feel comfortable at home, and while that is the safest place to be right now, you still want to keep it clean and bacteria free! Implement a sanitization station in your home that holds you accountable when you come and go. Check out how to do this here plus how to clean and disinfect your home

We hope you’re staying safe and healthy and that these reminders will be helpful as you live through our new normal. Remember to practice sanitization etiquette everywhere you go and don’t underestimate the power of being overly cautious because the more you are, the more peace of mind you will have!