Protecting Your Business With Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Following the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, many businesses and institutions have had to adapt working practices to reduce the risks of transmitting the disease during the working day.


In amongst a range of measures, individually wrapped, portable, hand-sanitizing wipes from Clean Buddies™ can provide a practical alternative to hand washing under running water with soap.


Business FAQ’s

What makes them uniquely useful for offices?


What makes Clean Buddies™ so unique is that they can function as a neat, respectful welcome gift, sitting in bowls in reception areas, or for instance, can be placed with pens and pads in conference rooms, and in restrooms. This encourages visitors to think about hygiene and reducing transmission whilst on your premises. The small portable packets make Clean Buddies™ perfect for wiping down work areas, such as cubicles, on desks, work surfaces, door handles, touch screens, PIN pads, computer keypads, computer screens, cellphones, office desk phones, wiping team communal areas, door handles, photo-copying machine, and anything which might be touched by more than one person in a day. Clean Buddies™  can be keep in your pocket, can be grabbed from your purse at a moments notice and won’t leak during transmission.


What other variety of workplace settings are Clean Buddies™ suitable for?


Hand sanitizing wipes from Clean Buddies™ are helpful in a huge range of workplace settings where thorough handwashing under running water with soap might not be available or practical after every interaction.


Clear examples include: building sites, house showings, delivery drivers, plumbers, post offices, and agricultural work.



What about business travel

For airport security, the great convenience of hand sanitizing wipes, compared to disinfecting gels is that they are not restricted by the four - ounce liquid limit for hand luggage often imposed by international and regional airports. Airports, airplanes, trains and other public transport present their own unique hygiene challenges, so it is worthwhile having several, easily portable, individually wrapped, convenient sanitizing wipes like Clean Buddies™ to hand.

Do Clean Buddies™ wipes eliminate Covid-19?


The answer is yes - the formula is as recommended by the WHO and CDC for eliminating the virus.


Can I claim hand sanitizing wipes as business expenses?


Many states and countries worldwide are supporting employer’s efforts to safeguard their workforce against transmission of Covid-19.


New legislation has come into force across most US states and territories, so it’s worth checking with your state authorities and usual accountant to see how best to manage the costs of updating your workplace.


However, hand sanitizer products will normally fall under an allowable expense for the workplace and in the US under Section 139 - created after the September 11th attacks of 2001 - employers can also make “qualified disaster relief payments” to employees to assist the employees in managing the COVID-19 crisis.


Section 139 payments are tax-free to the employees, but fully deductible to the employer. Employers can make tax-free payments for the costs of hand sanitizing wipes to employees in a fully deductible way.

Are there any bulk discounts for buying Clean Buddies™?

There’s a discount of $15 for buying a box of 300 at a time. And there are extra special discounts for bulk orders over 1000 individually wrapped wipes


Can I get a regular delivery?

There is a subscription option at checkout using the ReCharge Payments service on our website- which makes it easy to customize your subscription options and delivery dates.


How many do I need?


An employee will normally need around 6 wipes per day, so for a five day week that’s around 120 wipes per month.



The “new normal”


Ordering workplace hygiene equipment is already part of many business’s normal operations, along with ordering coffee and items for the soda machine. Maintaining a full supply of on the go hygiene products is a good step towards ensuring workers and visitors all feel comfortable.



Many businesses have a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility not only in-house, but also among their supply chain. Businesses purchasing from Clean Buddies™ can be assured they are purchasing from a responsible, socially aware supplier. Just take a look at our own CSR