How To Safely Send Your Kids Back To School

With COVID-19 impacting the nation, many kids ended last school year from home. Now some schools are starting to slowly open, with some full time, some hybrid, and more expected to open soon. No matter the case, it’s important to take precautions to keep your kiddos healthy and Clean Buddies is here to help.

Back To School Tips


So your kid is going back to school, deep breath! You may have a lot of worrying going on, but we have some tips for extra tips you can take to protect them.


Tip 1: Pack hand sanitizing wipes in your kid’s lunch bag and backpack for them to use throughout the day. If you have a younger kiddo, leave them a sweet note or drawing in their lunch and remind them to wash up so they don’t forget!


Tip 2: Make sure to have a conversation about times that it’s really important to clean their hands and school supplies throughout the day. Some instances are, after they use the restroom, before and after eating a snack or lunch, after playing on the playground, or after using several materials on their desk. Reinforcing these moments will help build habits that your kid will utilize every day.


Tip 3: While your kiddo’s school is probably taking many precautions, make sure to communicate social distancing in the classroom and how to properly wear a mask. Get some practice time in at home so they can visualize it and get a feel. Remember, this is all new to them too and they just want to see their pals!

Tip 4: Pack a backup mask! Let’s face it, kids are unpredictable. Make sure your kids are safe by having a spare mask on them. Buy them fun prints and their favorite colors to make them excited about adding it to their wardrobe.


Tip 5: Right when they get home, or before coming inside, grab their backpack and school supplies and wipe them down.


Tip 6: We’re all in this together! Don’t be afraid to let your PTA status shine and gift your kid’s teacher a large pack of hand sanitizing wipes. Individual hand sanitizing wipes are perfect to lay out on desks ahead of time and have children maintain a safe distance while still washing up. Teacher’s are working so hard to educate and protect your kiddos, we’re sure they’ll love the extra help.


When all is said and done, we know you’ll make the best decisions for your children! If you find yourself worrying about sending them off to school, try to implement these tips to not only keep them healthy, but offer yourself some peace of mind.