How To Prep For A Socially Distant Holiday

It’s officially holiday season which usually means lots of parties and family gatherings! But with social distancing measures in place, this year may look different for how you celebrate. While it can be hard to not see your loved ones in person or have your favorite traditions, we have some ideas to help you keep it festive! 

Get virtual

Yes, another video chat! You may be getting tired of them, but it’s the best way to safely see your loved ones during the holidays. Host a virtual game night, gift opening, or cocktail hour to get everyone involved and see your favorite faces. 

Gift swap

Use an app to create a secret gift swap! You’ll each get someone else without them knowing and get to buy them something special. Drop it on each other’s porches to spread some holiday cheer. The more involved, the merrier! 

Share your best treats

Visiting someone outside is one of the safest ways to meet up right now! But don’t show up empty handed. If you really want to make their day, spend some time in the kitchen mixing up your best holiday treats. Just make sure to keep your hands nice and clean while in the kitchen. Nothing says “I miss you” quite like baked goods!

Get festive early

There, we said it. If you need a little pick me up, put up your favorite seasonal decor to boost your mood! There’s absolutely no judgement this year if you’re ready to blast your holiday playlist on full volume. 

Get the kids involved

If you have little ones at home, they might be struggling with all the changes. Set up their own virtual holiday parties with friends and encourage them to make their own notes and gifts to mail to them. Not only will it give them a fun activity, but help them feel more connected during these times! 

Bring the festivities outdoors

Depending on where you live, this idea could bring about a big “BRRR!”. But bundle up and put those masks on, because there are plenty of outdoor festivities to be enjoyed. Whether you’re enjoying the beautiful fall foliage on a new hike or sipping hot cocoa at a tree farm, there are plenty of ways to meet up with your pals in a safe manner. 

No matter how or what you’re celebrating this year, we hope that you stay safe, healthy, and enjoy the season! Sure, things may be different right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the best parts of the holiday season. Get creative with these tips and jump into the new year with a fresh start!