How To Have A Clean Kitchen While Cooking

Holiday season is in full swing, and if you’re anything like us we bet your kitchen is getting some heavy use. Between the full holiday meals and festive baking you’ll want a clean and functional kitchen for your best recipes. Check out our favorite tips below for a squeaky clean kitchen for before, during, and after you’ve made your dish! 

Start With A Clean Slate 

To set the tone for a clean kitchen while you cook, you need to make sure you start with a clean kitchen! Make sure your sink and dishwasher are empty and your counters are clear and wiped down. It’s important to wipe down your counters before cooking to make sure to avoid contamination and bacteria! Sanitizing wipes are a quick and effective way to clean your space before you get cooking. 

Prep The Ingredients 

Go through your recipe and measure out all your ingredients beforehand! The key here is to make sure you put all the ingredients away, leaving you with just the perfect amount out on your counter. By doing this you’ll avoid bags of flour or endless containers piling up in your way. 

Wash As You Go 

To avoid a sink full of dirty dishes, wash as you go! If you know you are done with a utensil, mixing bowl, or measuring cup, just head over to the sink for a good rinse. Washing one thing at a time in between steps will not only get it out of your way but help you avoid the dreaded washing dishes later. This is also important for any little spills along the way! Wipe them up as soon as they happen so they don’t spread further. Sanitizing wipes are perfect for a quick clean up! 

Reuse When You can 

There’s no need to add extra dishes or utensils into the mix if you don’t need to! Try to use the same measuring cup or cutting board for things. Plus, if you know it will all end up mixed together anyways, when you prep your ingredients, just toss it in the same bowl as you go! Remember that you should always pay attention to cross contamination. Most things could use a quick rinse and then go back to using again so you don’t have to dirty another dish. 

Utilize Your Garbage Can 

It seems simple, but make sure you aren’t letting your garbage pile up next to you. If you use a wipe of paper towel, toss it in the trash right away. Same for any excess food items or empty packages! 

Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourself

It’s so easy to jump three steps ahead while you’re cooking or sometimes you’ll try to balance too many tasks at once! While it might seem tempting, it will only cause more chaos and mess. Stay on track with your recipe and focus on one thing at a time. 

If you follow these tips you’ll have a simple and clean cooking experience, plus no mess afterwards! We hope you find these helpful and that you enjoy whatever you’re cooking up.