How To Clean And Disinfect Your Home

Handling the disinfection of your entire home can feel like a tremendous task. But whether someone in your house has been sick, you’re taking COVID precautions, or just ready for a deep clean, we have tips for you to get the job done. 

Gear up

Make sure to wear gloves when you clean and disinfect. A mask is also great if you use bleach or any other chemicals! If you use strong smelling chemicals, make sure the room you are in has proper ventilation or take extra breaks for some fresh air. 


If you’re disinfecting, you’re likely using chemical products. Make sure you do not mix these products and follow recommendations on how much to use. If diluting your product, make sure to use room temperature water. The most effective disinfectant is a bleach solution and you can also use alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol. 

What To Clean? 

Stuck on the most important spots to hit? Doorknobs and handles, light switches, counter tops, floors, keyboards, kitchen sink, and bathroom are the top places to focus on in your home. Think about just how often you touch these things on a daily basis, and you’ll understand why! To achieve the perfect clean, you’ll want to first clean your surfaces using soap and water first and then follow it up with a disinfectant. 

Soft Surfaces

While cleaning carpet and rugs may seem like the most tedious task, it is definitely important! Due to airflow and gravity, the floor collects lots of bacteria as droplets fall to the ground. While you can buy cleaning solutions, you can also use white vinegar to save the day! Mixed with some cold water and liquid soap, you have a powerful cleaning potion to use. First you’ll want to vacuum, then spray your solution, followed up with a steam cleaner. To finish you’ll want to let it air dry, with maybe a little help from some fans!

A Quick Solution

Short on time but need a quick clean? Try using sanitizing wipes to clean off surfaces and your hands for good measure! The cleaner you keep your hands, the less likely germs and bacteria will spread. As much as we love a deep clean, it’s more important to stay consistent and on top of it. That doesn’t always mean you can dig out the bleach, but you still can keep the surfaces in your home wiped down and clean! 

We wish you luck on your cleaning endeavors and hope for a healthy and happy home!