Declutter In The New Year

Everyone always has big plans and resolutions for a new year! Besides working out and eating healthy, another common goal is to get organized. Decluttering your home can feel incredibly overwhelming at first, and it’s easy to put it off knowing what awaits. But we promise that with a few key steps and a little bit of time, it will all be worth it! Check out our favorite tips to achieving a clean and happy home. 

Start With A To-Do List

Jot down all the things you want to accomplish during the decluttering process. It will help keep you on track and make sure nothing goes unnoticed. It’s also helpful to use your to-do list to figure out where you should start and what order you want to accomplish it in. 

Come Prepared

Have spare boxes for the items you want to keep but put in storage, trash bags for the items to toss, and a cleaning bin to make sure everything gets a good clean before you move on. Having this all ready to go will make the process feel more organized and less chaotic. 

Don’t Jump Ahead

Take it one thing at a time. Decide on what to start with and don’t move on until that gets accomplished. Whether it’s cleaning out your closet, reorganizing the kitchen cabinets, or rearranging your living room, stick with it until it is done and then you can move onto the next. There’s no need to make another area messy and it will help you feel less overwhelmed. 

Set A Timer

Part of the problem with decluttering is the mental hurdle it brings. Few people enjoy spending their free time knee deep in household projects, so set a timer! Start with whatever feels right to you. 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour, etc. Give yourself that time with no distractions, just your task at hand. It will make the project feel more manageable and you’ll be amazed at how much you get done! Once you’re ready for round two, set the timer again! 

Clean As You Go

Just because you’re decluttering, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cleaning. Make sure to vacuum, dust, and wipe down any surfaces you’ve just reorganized for a sparkling finish and no dirt! Having sanitizing wipes on hand is the perfect solution for a quick and effective clean up. 

Take A Step Back

Pretend you’ve just walked into your home for the first time. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and see what you really need and if you like how it looks. Fresh eyes can help you make those final decisions on what to toss or how to rearrange! Finding pictures online for some extra inspiration never hurts either. 

Just remember, you got this! Decluttering your home is a process, but with these tips we know you can tackle it in no time. Cheers to a new year, a new space, and a clean and happy home!