Committed to the Planet

CleanBuddies is committed to the planet as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Recycling is at the heart of our ethos and forms an important part of our Corporate Social Responsibility scheme.

Did you know?

  • 75% of general trash can be recycled.
  • The first archaeological evidence of recycling is from 700BC, when people started melting and re-melting metal.
  • The Statue of Liberty contains 80 tonnes of partly recycled copper and bronze plating
  • Recycling is a $200 billion industry

Why recycling is good

  1. Recycling protects natural resources
  2. Recycling reduces the demand for raw materials. This, in turn, lowers the consumption of power, plants, and minerals. Recycling avoids damage to the environment during the extraction of natural resources.
  3. Recycling saves energy
  4. Recycling requires much less energy for producing goods. For instance, aluminum recycling saves more than 90% of the power that would be used to make cans from new.
  5. Recycling preserves the environment
  6. Recycled materials are kept out of landfill, keeping the water and air cleaner.
  7. Recycling creates employment opportunities
  8. For every job at the landfill site, there are 10 jobs in a recycling unit.

Recycling begins with your local waste collection services, who should have a system for the most common types of recyclable materials. There are also specialist providers who can work with particular types of waste.

Many different recycling programs work with local waste disposal services - for the general trash, and not just the recycling box. You can find out more by visiting the website of your local government provider or by asking your employer for more information about your work’s trash removal service.

Disposing of wipes

The first step in responsibly disposing of your CleanBuddies   wipes is to keep it out of the sewer system.

Keep disposal pipes and sewers clear - never flush wipes down the lavatory.

Wipes should go in the garbage can, that’s the recommendation from Friends of the Earth.

There are lots of great companies working with hard-to-recycle materials before they get to the landfill, so you can rest assured when placing your wipes in the trash.