Cleaning Covid: Wiping, Washing, Fogging, or Fuming?

While the COVID-19 virus still remains a mystery to us, medical professionals and scientists have been dedicated to studying the virus and concluding resolutions for how to move forward coping with the air-borne infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released recommendations to the public of precautions to take to avoid contracting COVID-19 based on a collective education and knowledge of illness virality. Although wearing a mask and washing your hands isn’t a foolproof way of rejecting the coronavirus, these precautions do assist in lessening your risk of contracting the virus. 

Coronavirus can live on surfaces for days. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provided a list of disinfectants to use in order to kill the virus. Although each product hasn’t been officially tested against COVID-19, they have all been proven to kill other ‘harder-to-kill’ viruses. 

The most effective way to kill the COVID-19 virus on surfaces is to use a disinfectant with an alcohol level higher than 70%. Clean Buddies™ are safe, gentle sanitizing wipes with a 75% alcohol-based formula. The solution is EPA approved and highly effective to kill germs on skin and surfaces. It is highly recommended to thoroughly clean all surfaces with soap and water before disinfecting in order to ensure the virus is killed. 

A popular debate that has recently emerged regarding cleaning your home of COVID-19 is whether the use of fogging or fumigation is effective in killing the virus. The EPA expedited applications to add directions for indoor use with electrostatic sprayers to products intended to kill COVID-19. Electrostatic sprayers with EPA approved disinfectant products are starting to be sold as household cleaning services to individuals who fear COVID-19 may be lingering in their homes. The effectiveness of COVID-19 fumigation is highly debated. Although the idea of EPA approved disinfectants being used seems highly successful, not all products are compatible with electrostatic sprayers, some of which may be dangerous to release into the air of an enclosed space. 

If you’re worried about the virus lingering in your home, The CDC currently suggests cleaning all contaminated surfaces directly with any EPA approved disinfectant as well as ventilating your space as much as possible to increase clean airflow in your home. 

Let Clean Buddies™ be your source of all your COVID-19 cleaning needs!