Clean Buddies Are Not Flush Buddies!

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it may have seemed like only busy moms and the germ-aware were using hand sanitizer wipes. Alas, gone are the days of wiping off our hands on the sides of our jeans without a second thought. Now, many of us are constantly aware of what we are touching and just how much we do so. Every knob, lever, and handrail has been touched by a hundred other hands.


Sanitary wipes like Clean Buddies are perfect for helping you tackle any questionable surface, even in the bathroom. But then, you face another predicament: how do you dispose of the wipe once you’re done? The toilet seems like the most obvious solution. One flush, and it’s gone with all the bacteria and grime it took with it. 


Not so fast! Flushing wipes can lead to serious issues, even if these issues remain undetected for a while. And by the way even those wipes from the "bigger manufacturers" that say they are flushable aren't. Just don't do it. 

Here are  some of the reasons why you should avoid flushing wipes at all costs:

It can clog your toilet

Being honest, you might not think much about what happens after you flush the toilet. You figure it all goes to the same place, so why should wipes be any different? Unfortunately, wipes can cause grave damage over time, and you might not even notice it until it’s too late.


Ever see one of those infamous  “fatbergs”? These fatbergs are not just gross to look at, they cause expensive damage. It is estimated that these plumbing problems can cost an average of $10,000 to resolve--and that is being generous. 

They can damage wastewater equipment

When wastewater systems fail, you aren’t the only one affected. We all suffer. As the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency points out, these wipes don’t break apart like toilet paper; they pick up and grab everything in their way, creating a ball made of nightmares.


These nightmares work their way into our local wastewater equipment, causing clogs that impact the whole city. Not only does this end up costing taxpayers more money. Think about the poor worker that has to put on diving equipment and submerge themselves into raw sewage to clean out these clogs

The Clean Buddies Promise

Many of us in developed countries have the luxury of running water and flush toilets. Here at Clean Buddies, we want to bring sanitation to the world, especially in places where there isn’t an option to flush the wipes because of a lack of running water. Improper sanitation is one of the leading causes of death in children around the world. We want to make the difference by providing Clean Buddies to people in nations without the same luxuries we may have. You can help by supporting us and our mission.

Remember, Clean Buddies are Disrupting the hygiene debate to motivate and liberate™