Helping Communities with Practical Sanitation

For communities with restricted access to clean water, the portable, alcohol based wipes produced by CleanBuddies  can be a lifeline - a way to take control and protect oneself against common and life threatening diseases. See how CleanBuddies are leveraging some of their operations to support children in Panama through their corporate social responsibility program.

Around 80% of diseases can be prevented with good hand sanitization and lack of cleanliness is the second biggest killer of children around the world under the age of five.

Clean running water is the foundation of improving worldwide survival rates for children under five. For communities without ready access to clean running water, hand sanitizing wipes are useful alternative - and read further how CleanBuddies encourages recycling and reusing wipes under their corporate social responsibility program. CleanBuddiesis committed to assisting with general sanitization in under- served communities.

Alcohol based hand sanitizing wipes are a practical and convenient alternative to washing hands with clean running water and soap - which is the best norm. Hand sanitizing wipes have recently hit the headlines. Whilst CleanBuddies  was born out of an affinity with wider communities, and their need for practical water alternatives, CleanBuddies ™ recognizes that there is a wider part to play in keeping hands clean and preventing disease transmission throughout all communities.

The world is now a smaller place and we all have a role to play in keeping one another healthy. Practicing good hand hygiene is not only good for health, it demonstrates a commitment to the health and well-being of others.