20 brilliant hacks for using hand sanitizing wipes

  1. Getting stains off a whiteboard: If you accidentally wrote on your whiteboard with a permanent marker, here's an easy fix: write over the permanent marker with a dry erase pen, and then wipe it all off using a Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipe. You may need to do this a few times to remove all traces.
  2. Remove Scuff Marks: You've got scuff marks on your shoes - it's just takes a couple of swipes with a Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipe and you're set
  3. Remove a sticky label: Residue from sticky labels is usually tough to remove. Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipes will help you to get the adhesive residue from your furniture, walls, new dishes, new bag, the sole of new shoes, bottles of products..
  4. Removing a bandaid: Rub Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipes over the sticky ends to release the adhesive. Wait a minute, and then painlessly remove the bandaid
  5. Help Ingrown Hairs and Nails: These are caused by inflammation to a gentle wipe on the area with a Clean Buddies hand sanitizing wipe will disinfect and eliminate the bacteria causing the problem
  6. Clean your diamond ring: Diamonds (but not all gems) can be safely cleaned using Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipes for sparkling results
  7. Use as a Deodorant Substitute: The reason armpits start to smell is bacteria. Which is why it makes perfect sense that rubbing Clean Buddies hand sanitizing wipes on your arm pits will keep you smelling fresh when you forget to put on your normal deodorant on.
  8. Alleviate itch from an insect bite: Rubbing an insect bite with a Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipe can help to prevent bites from getting infected and ease the sensation from the itching.
  9. Eyeglass cleaner: Spectacles are one object hiding in plain sight that people often forget to disinfect, particularly on the rim and nose pad area, and sweat from your face is often the cause of nasty bugs, bacteria and dirt build up there
  10. Clean your flat iron: The surfaces of your flat iron are coated with hair products and bacteria so after the iron has cooled down ( don't do it when it's hot) give them a good quick swipe with a Clean Buddies hand sanitising wipe
  11. Clean hairspray off your mirror: When you're spraying with your favorite hair spritzer or spray , it's easy for the mirror to get lots of product on it . Getting it off your mirror can take a lot of effort— so make your life easier by using Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipes to get the job done quickly.
  12. Sun glasses cleaner: Ok guys how many of us casually throw down our sunglasses in places that are so-so when it comes to hygiene? Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipes gets rid of finger prints, even hair spray and bad bacteria that has strayed on to your favorite shades
  13. Public restrooms: Need we say anymore?
  14. Gum remover: Dab a Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipe all over the surface of the gum, this will help to break down the polymers in the chewing gum. Let the Clean Buddies sit for at least 30 seconds and then grab a piece of duck tape stick it to the gum and then pull the gum off
  15. Polishing your silver: Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipes will cut right through all that tarnish that's built up
  16. Pimple treatment: The inflammation you get with a pimple is caused by bacteria on your skin, so dab a Clean Buddy hand sanitizer wipe on that spot for immediate relief.
  17. Get finger prints off your stainless steel appliances: Fingerprints can make your stainless steel appliances look shabby, but you don't need to buy special stainless steel cleaner if you have Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipes available . With a couple of swipes fingerprints, greasy marks and spattered oil will all be gone
  18. Pre-treat stains before laundering: Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipes can pre-treat stains on clothing - dab on the stain let it sit for one to three minutes, blot it away, apply your favourite detergent and then wash as directed on the garment's label.
  19. As a dry shampoo: If you're out of dry shampoo, try a Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipe as an alternative - simply rub one wipe lightly all over your roots and your hair will look just as good.
  20. Clean Household Items: The list is almost endless and you don't have to worry about sticky gel getting in between the keys of your laptop, the connectors for your cables...so use Clean Buddies hand sanitizer wipes to clean your keyboards, your touch screens your cellphones, your computer mouse, your keyboards, sinks, faucets, countertops wiping away the dirt quickly and efficiently